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-  T  H E    S  O  U  N  D    O  F    T  H  E    W  O  R  L  D  -

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P  R  O  F  E  S  S  I  O  N  A  L    
M  U  S  I  C    P  R  O  D  U  C  T  I  O  N    S  T  U  D  I  O

Grunge Wood
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A full production curating the unique sound your musical ideas deserve.

With our creative and innovative 

approach in songwriting, recording, editing, mixing and mastering,

you'll get a world class release that moves people and helps your artistic vision reach higher grounds.


We will guide you through every step of the process - from your first idea to the release date and beyond!

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Each song tells a new story, so each song deserves a new adventure -

one that creates your very own individual sound!


The massive, rich, but still organic and transparent mix of ours will present your music to the world

the way you imagine it.

You can also attend the sessions

with our livestream system

from every part of the globe!

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Nothing translates the energy better than a solid, yet dynamic master!

We'll carefully shape your tracks to achieve that high-end, lively, 

balanced result, that pushes air out of every speaker, just the way it should.

We'll take the time to analyse your reference tracks/artists, so we can craft the sound that sets you apart from everybody else! Now let's

create some magic...



O U R   W O R K

Grunge Wood

Bob Vogston and his team love working on something unique, 

something inspiring, something that makes a difference...


Through many years of experience in every stage of the music creation process, Bob has shaped an award-winning path that brought him to the heart of western Germany, where he helps artists and brands curate their vision in the language we all know and love best - music!

Bob has also built an infrastructure alongside the music production studio, where every artist he now collaborates with, strongly profits from - Booking, Events, Promotion, Marketing, etc... 


We are looking for artists and brands that are willing to go the extra mile... 

people that want to tell a story, that needs to be heard now!

Now, what can we do for you? 


A B O U T   U S

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Tobias Bartsch

Songwriter & Co-Producer

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Lennart Damann

Co-Producer & Engineer

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Benedikt Ernst

3D Audio Engineer


Bob Vogston

CEO & Producer

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Untitled design-5.png

Jana Cüpper

Assistant Engineer & Office

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Tristan Scheeren

Assistant & Social Media Manager

H I G H   T I D E

Since Lipaka Studio is part of the big High Tide Studios complex near Cologne/Bonn, we are capable of realising even the largest scale audio demands - from the initial concept to the final master,

including film/music mixing in a certified Dolby Atmos Stage.

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Grunge Wood

G E T   A   Q U O T E

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For general questions please write an email.

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Ina Krabes


"The atmosphere in the Lipaka Studio is very special. Working with Bob is incredibly enjoyable and inspiring.

He gets the best out of everyone and everything - absolute recommendation!"

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Pape Samory Seck


"The place where music comes alive! The wonderful nature, the pristine sound, Bob's energy and inspiration...  

all of that brings me back to

Lipaka time after time."


Max Rebel


"Not only is Bob one of the most gifted guitarists I know, he is an A-grade producer that has never not been a delight to work with."

C O N T A C T   U S

​Fill this out if you'd like a quote for your project.
For general questions please write an email.

Thanks for submitting!